Nokia And Safari In an Open Source Alliance

From Linux on Tablet PC to browsers

The announcement made by Nokia that it will work together with Apple to develop an open-source browser derived from Safari which will run on the Series 60 smartphones might have taken Opera by surprise considering the close relation it had with the Finnish producer.

It's much more interesting to notice Nokia's appetite for open-source. After launching Nokia N770, the first non-telephone from Nokia (as it was dubbed by the press) that works on Linux, Nokia seems to be more and more attracted to open-source.

Another thing that should make analysts think is the purpose of the collaboration between Nokia and Apple. A while ago, Nokia announced Nokia N91, a device considered by many as iPod's main competitor.

Considering that Apple is the guru of music industry and cell phone producers are drawn to music download as moths to a light bulb, we might soon see new models of Nokia models which are compatible with iTunes.

The fact that Nokia is making compliments to Safari and says that Apple is one of the few innovators left in the IT business makes us wonder what the two giants are up to.

And if we add to this that both of them share a relation with Intel, the digital future is starting to shape quite nicely.

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