Nokia 5530 Tastes Firmware v30

Enjoys universal kinetic scrolling

A new software update has been recently delivered for the Nokia 5530, namely firmware version 30.0.009. The new software solution is expected to bring forth a nice range of enhancements, including additional applications, and performance improvements, along with universal kinetic scrolling, which might be seen as the nicest new feature available for Nokia 5530 owners. The previously available firmware on Nokia 5530 was version v20.

According to a recent article on All About Symbian, the new firmware update for Nokia 5530 is available via the Nokia Software Updater, but it can also be received as an over-the-air download directly on the mobile phone. Unfortunately, an exact changelog for the software solution is not available, though users already started to report on the improvements they've noticed on their devices.

Universal kinetic scrolling would indeed be the nicest addition to the handset's capabilities, but other novelties are also there. The new apps now available for Nokia 5530 users include Ovi Sync and Shazam. S60's latest version of Web is said to have been included in the package too, namely version 7.2.3, and there are also some updates to icons when the music capabilities of the device are involved. The new firmware also freed some 2MB of RAM on Nokia 5530, it seems. According to All About Symbian, some users reported a bug fix for keypad tones, though this feature has not yet been verified.

Those who own a Nokia 5530 handset and would like to try the new software solution should fire up the Nokia Software Updater to do so. Backing up all data on the phone before proceeding can always prove to be a great idea, even if the handset can keep files safe through the update. Losing important information is never a pleasant thing, and performing a backup prior to launching the update would prevent that from happening.

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