Noctua Launches New Case Fan with 120mm Diameter

It has Anti-Stall Knobs and a price of 19.90 Euro / $21.90

Case fans don't often get press releases of their own, but every once in a while a cooler and case maker will release a particularly interesting one.

Noctua is the one claiming to have launched a fan with a higher degree of sophistication and marketing viability than most.

Called NF-S12A, it is part of the S12 line and has Anti-Stall Kbos that reduce flow separation in medium to high impedance situation.

That means that it can achieve a better performance on heatsinks and radiators.

In fact, it has an advantage of up to 8% in that area, compared to existing S12 fans.

That the new AAO (Advanced Acoustic Optimisation) frame somehow works in tandem with Anti-Stall Kobs is just a bonus.

Spec-wise, there will be three versions of the fan, with speed settings of 1200/900/700 rpm, 800/600 rpm and PWM-controlled rotary speed of 1200 to 900 rpm, respectively. Prices are of 19.90 Euro / $21.90.


Noctua NF-S12A fan (3 Images)

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