NoPassword: Ruby on Rails Authentication System

A highly secure system based only on the user's email address

NoPassword is a clever Ruby on Rails authentication system – developed by Alex Smolen - which eliminates the need for passwords.

Passwords are an important element when it comes to protecting our online accounts. However, they’re highly problematic since they can be forgotten and they can be compromised by hackers.

NoPassword is a system that addresses this issue, because the authentication is done based solely on the user’s email address.

It works on a simple principle. The customer registers with his/her email address and, moments later, he/she receives a login link. This provides users with a session that remains active until they log out or until it expires. The next time they need to log in, they repeat the procedure.

Although the login process may take a bit more time compared to the classic username/password solution, the system is far more secure.

NoPassword is available for download here.

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