No Xperia PLAY 2 Planned for Now, Only Improvements

The handset will see better games, new mobile applications

Earlier this year, Sony Ericsson announced the availability of their first PlayStation-certified mobile phone, the Xperia PLAY, which also comes with a unique design, featuring a sliding game pad with the usual PlayStation controls on it.

No specific info on how sales of Xperia PLAY went has emerged until now, but some suggest that things might have not been so great after all.

The smartphone has already got its share of price slashed all around the world, though the fact that various companies and developers are launching games exclusively on it certainly helps its performance.

Apparently, the company is pleased with how things are going with the device, and the fact that it has just made it available for purchase via a new wireless carrier in the US can be seen as proof of that.

“We’re very pleased with how it’s going. It’s meeting expectations, but our expectations for the end of the year are a lot higher,” Dominic Neil-Dwyer, head of market development at Sony Ericsson, said in a recent interview.

However, there is still room for enhancements, that's for sure, and Sony Ericsson seems to be aware of that, though it seems that these will arrive on the existing device.

The company does not plan the release of an Xperia PLAY 2 at the moment, but is set to release new applications and games for the existing device, so as to offer a better experience to its users.

More powerful devices are already available for purchase on the market, and even more powerful ones should arrive on shelves soon, but Sony Ericsson will believes that Xperia PLAY will manage to do better than before.

“Right now our big focus is on improving the experience of Xperia Play, bringing face chat, video calling with Skype, and movies and more software updates, because we can, and bringing better games,” Neil-Dwyer continued.

“That’s our focus… We’re trying to create a new market. That’s our thrust right now, to build a great device. It will keep improving. We’ll keep upgrading the experience, the software and the games you get with it.”

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