No Poor Design Choices Have Marred Penclic's Mini Keyboard

The Swedish company takes into account gender-specific aspects of computer work

Though usually not too severe, typing at a keyboard or repetitive mouse and general PC use can cause injuries, to the wrists especially. Swedish company Penclic decided to minimize the odds of that as much as it could.

What we have here is the Penclic Mini Keyboard, with its narrowed-down dimensions, thinner frame (6 mm), normal-sized, quiet-touch keys and overall ergonomic design.

Women will find the product particularly convenient, the company believes, as it addresses the fact that men are 66% less likely to suffer injuries from overworking a keyboard than women are.

“The design of today's peripheral computer devices is not entirely optimal for women,” says Marianne Ahlberg, a physiotherapist with 30 years' ergonomic expertise.

“Keyboards are generally made too wide, requiring women to work outside the span of their shoulders, while most computer mice add unnecessary muscle strain due to their weight.”

Penclic has prepared a USB-connected and a wireless version of the mini Keyboard, both with support for Windows XP, Max OS X and Linux/BND (or others that support HID 1.1).


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