No Plans for Home Console or Tablet Versions for Project Eternity

The developer is focusing on the PC-based role-playing fan crowd

Developer Obsidian currently has no plans to make Project Eternity, the old-school role-playing game that it is currently funding on Kickstarter, available on platforms like home consoles and mobile tablets.

Feargus Urquhart, who is the chief executive officer at Obsidian, told that, “It’s a game that goes back to the roots of the great RPG games of the past and the focus of those was keyboard and mouse. Not that console games aren’t great; they’re just different.”

He added, “There’s a big difference between Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance and Baldur’s Gate II. And we don’t want to create some camel in the middle to try to straddle a line. It’s do one thing or another, and we’re going to try to do the PC and do that right.”

Since Project Eternity was revealed, Obsidian has made it clear that it would create a game that appeals to long-term fans of the role-playing genre, introducing both a player-controlled party and an isometric view.

The team also announced that if the Kickstarter funding reaches $2.2 million (€1.7 million), players would have versions of the game in French, German and Spanish as well as a new faction to tangle with and a new area to explore.

Chris Avellone will also create a novella based on the game world, which will be offered to those who contribute more than $50 (€39) to the Kickstarter.

At the moment, more than 46,000 have supported Project Eternity and there are still 21 days to go before the game is funded.

The team will also continue to offer more information on the game world and on the ways the game will allow the player to make meaningful choices.

Obsidian has revealed that Project Eternity would be created using Unity and that it would be launched during 2014.

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