No Option to Disable Start Screen Wallpaper Dimming in Windows 8.1 Preview

The desktop wallpaper can now be used as a Start screen background

By on July 5th, 2013 08:49 GMT

Windows 8.1 Preview brought not only a Start button, but also several new Start screen customization options, including the possibility to use the desktop background as a wallpaper.

While this feature could clearly come in handy to many Windows 8 adopters, it appears that some of them are now looking into ways to disable the wallpaper dimming effect loaded when launching the Start screen.

“I was able to set my desktop wallpaper as background for the start screen with no problem, but why does the image dim when going from the desktop to Start, and how can I stop the image from going dim when switching to the Start screen?” one user asks on the support forums.

Unfortunately, no such option is available for the time being, but background dimming pretty much makes sense because this is the only way to make the live tiles more visible.

Microsoft hasn’t said a thing about implementing this kind of settings in the final version of 8.1, so we most likely have to wait until October to find out if the option is there.