No More iTunes: We Need a Single App Store for iOS and OS X Apps

One of the most beleaguered of Apple products, iTunes needs to return to its roots

If there’s one Apple product everyone hates, it’s iTunes. Although it’s brought Apple unimaginable profits and a customer base hundreds of millions strong, the iTunes app has reached a point where it’s becoming irrelevant.

iTunes is a confusing app. It’s home to the iTunes Store, the iBook Store, the iPhone App Store, the iPad App Store, iTunes Radio, iTunes U, and other things I can’t think of right now.

It’s a crowded place. And half the time it doesn’t even work properly. Don’t even get me started on the media player, which has more UI surgery gone bad than Jocelyn Wildenstein.

But the most annoying bit has to be the fact that you need to launch the whole iTunes app to reach the iOS App Store.

The mere fact that I actually have to click on the iTunes icon, then click on iTunes Store, then App Store, to finally search for and download an app, drives this particular user insane! (Not that I get my apps like this very often, but when I do, it’s an ordeal).

Analysts, pundits, and obscure bloggers alike have long advocated for a separation of the App Store from the iTunes mothership. I’m late to the party, I’ll admit that much, but I’m eager to join the rebellion now that I’ve had just about enough.

At the other end of the spectrum lies the Mac App Store: a beautifully crafted, single-purpose, digital storefront for software, software, and more software. It’s brilliantly designed, well-executed from a functionality standpoint, clutter-free, works like a charm, and delivers on promise: Mac. Apps.

iTunes used to be like that as well (about actual tunes). But 10 years later it tries to be everything. You can’t be killing 10 birds with one stone, and Apple knows better.

Bottom line, the iOS App Store needs its own app! Better yet, it can be crammed together with the Mac App Store, take on the glorious name “App Store,” and offer two big tabs separating iOS Apps from Mac Apps. It’s so simple and straightforward even Microsoft would agree.


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