No More Pirated Content on YouTorrent

One more BitTorrent service steps into the legal side

The fight against the BitTorrent websites encouraging and enhancing the download of pirated content is famous now and it seems there are signs of success. Although the reasons for doing this were not explained too well, YouTorrent, one of the most appreciated BitTorrent search engines, is now getting more legal than anytime before, as its owners have decided to index only licensed content.

"Due to the uncertain nature of the source and accuracy of the results returned by some engines, we have decided to reduce our engine selection to ones that claim the provision of licensed, certified content," a YouTorrent representative told TorrentFreak.

Moreover, the administrators of the service are now looking to sell the project but, again, there's no clear reason specified. Sure, nobody wants to mention it, but the pressure issued by the copyright holders around the world is probably one of the reasons for shutting down the servers and attempting to abandon the projects.

"The YouTorrent project has grown very quickly and unfortunately is not in line with the owning companies core business. We have had some interest [to buy] from some parties. On that basis, we have presented the site to other parties in the space to see if there is interest there also," the YouTorrent official added for the same source.

Until now, the legal disputes caused the closure of several important BitTorrent services which were considered as illegal because they provided links to pirated material, no matter if we're talking about games, movies, music or books. Take the example of TorrentSpy, one of the most popular BitTorrent services on the web which got closed after a long dispute with copyright holders which put the pressure on the administrators, forcing them to disclose private details concerning their users.

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