No Media Center in Windows 8 Consumer Preview

It will be included only in some flavors of the final Windows 8 OS

Microsoft is gearing up for showing to the world the next version of Windows 8, which should land before the end of this month as Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

Some more info on what the platform version is bound to include has started to emerge, suggesting that there could be no Media Center available inside it.

The fact that there will be no Media Center in the Consumer Preview is not as surprising as some might believe.

After all, Microsoft did have it removed from the Windows 8 Developer Preview made available in September last year.

Moreover, the Redmond-based software giant said at the time that it would have Media Center incorporated in "premium" SKUs for Windows.

Moreover, the software company stated at the BUILD conference in September that the Media Center would not be included in the first pre-release builds of Windows 8.

Clearly, they were considering the Consumer Preview as well in this statement.

However, the Media Center will make it to Windows 8, and The Verge claims that it will be mostly unchanged from what users of Windows 7 can enjoy at the moment.

The feature will be included only in some flavors of the platform, and is expected to be aimed mostly at enthusiasts.

Apparently, Microsoft decided to remove it from the platform so as to reduce the overall cost OEMs need to pay for licensing Windows 8.

The inclusion of certain technologies in Media Center made the platform a bit more expensive. Thus, most editions of the upcoming OS will not feature it.

The Consumer Preview of Windows 8 should become available for download later this month, and will provide us with a better glimpse at what Microsoft plans for the final product. It will also bring along the beta version of Microsoft’s Windows Store.

Those who did not take Windows 8 for a spin can already download the Windows 8 Developer Preview Build 8102 M3 from Softpedia via this link.

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