No Iwata Asks Style Series for Reggie Fils-Aime

The executive is surprised by his own popularity among gamers

Reggie Fils-Aime, the president of Nintendo of America, says that he never expected to become the public face of the company, but feels personally proud of the fact that players have come to trust him and the information that he is offering.

During the launch of the Wii U home console, the executive, quoted by MTV Multiplayer, said that, “It wasn’t planned. When I was hired almost nine years ago, it wasn’t planned that I would play the role that I’m playing, but I think the fans recognize that I play our games.”

He added, “They recognize that I’m passionate about our company. They recognized that I have a point of view, and I articulate that point of view, and I think that’s what they value. It’s a very humbling role, and it really makes it special on a night like tonight.”

Fils-Aime has also revealed that he has no plans to star in an Ask series like that which Satoru Iwata hosts, because he does not have the background required to sustain it.

The Nintendo of America executive made his first appearance during E3 2004 and became associated with the company just as it was launching the original Wii, which went on to become the most successful home console of the early years of the current generation.

Fils-Aime’s public image is a mix of respect and derision, as many gamers believe that his appearances are too carefully designed to project a gamer image when he is just an executive who needs to deliver the company line.

Nintendo has recently launched the Wii U home console on the North American market, alongside a line-up of 24 video games.

Europe is set to get the device on November 30, while Japanese gamers will get access to the Wii U on December 8.

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