No Intrusive Social Features for Wasteland 2

The game will invite players to share their achievements and voices

Wasteland 2 will have a number of social features, according to the development team, but they will be limited and non-intrusive, designed to allow gamers to show their friends how they are doing in the game and start conversations about their experiences.

A number of the fans who have contributed to the Wasteland 2 Kickstarter funding page have asked the developers to explain what social features the game will have, fearing that it will require players to connect with friends in order to progress.

Speaking on the official blog for Wasteland 2, Brian Fargo, the main developer working on the project, has stated, “What I have discovered is that there are some four-letter words with extra letters like ‘Social’ which get very emotional responses. Social means casual to some people and Wasteland 2 is NOT a casual game.

“I will certainly be careful in my word selection as I want new ideas to be discussed without being railroaded for bad word choice. I clearly made a mistake in throwing out an idea before I communicated a cohesive vision document on the overall game.”

The social elements of Wasteland 2 will be on the fringe of the core single-player experience.

Fargo added, “I do like sharing my experience with my friends when I play a game – be it conversation or leaderboards. I would be curious to see my friend’s stats when playing: how many kills he had, ammo used, his level and other various non-spoiling information.”

The developer also said that the priority for his team, regardless of the funding level obtained, would be to create the game world and the story.

A mod kit will also be created, but it will likely not be ready for the initial launch date.

Wasteland 2 is set to offer a modern take on the classic post-apocalyptic experience and has so far managed to raise more than 1.5 million dollars (1.13 million Euro) in crowd funding so far.

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