No DirectX 12 Coming, AMD Says

The company does promise to include Battlefield 4 in its next Never Settle bundle though

Since both NVIDIA and Advanced Micro Devices are getting ready to launch new graphics cards by the end of the year, some may think that a new version of the DirectX API (application programming interface) is about to come out as well.

The AMD Vice President of Global Channel Sales, Roy Taylor, was quick to dispel such notions in an interview with German publication

While AMD can't speak for NVIDIA, it doesn't really need to know its plans to guess whether or not DirectX 11 will already get a successor.

Since neither Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system, nor the rumored Windows "Blue" 8.1 could ship with a newer DirectX version, there won't be a DirectX 12 API in the near future.

Given the ETA of the next-generation NVIDIA and AMD video cards, the timing of the statement is quite relevant, since it reassures game developers that they needn't worry about lost chances if they throw their finances behind DirectX 11 titles.

It also raises questions about what, exactly, the upcoming video boards will have that the current generation does not.

In theory, new DirectX versions determine much of what is included in new GPU architectures.

Since this new generation will take a pass, other technologies will be added, and we have no idea what those technologies are.

Indeed, despite the man consenting to an interview with, he was remarkably tightlipped, not providing any actual details.

The one piece of info that he did let slip will only matter to those who intend to acquire a high-end Radeon HD 7000 graphics card: Battlefield 4, EA's upcoming online FPS multiplayer game, will be included in the next "Never Settle" bundle.

Not exactly related to the main topic, but we will take whatever we can get at this point. At least the activities on the laptop and tablet front are progressing more quickly.

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