No Charges Made in Case of the 7-Year-Old Killed Outside a Gun Store

Pennsylvania resident Joseph Loughrey accidentally shot and killed his son

Police are treating the case of Craig Loughrey as an accident, reports say. The 7-year-old boy shot outside a gun store this weekend lost his life in the incident.

Loughrey was killed by his father in East Lackawannock, Pennsylvania, as his gun went off. Doctors that examined him before had ruled that he was on the autism spectrum, Gawker writes.

No charges have been filed, as the gun accidentally discharged into little Craig's chest. The boy's father, Joseph, had tried to sell the gun in a local store; however, he was unsuccessful.

As we mentioned before, the incident occurred the morning of December 8, on Saturday. Joseph had taken a rifle and a 9mm handgun to Twig's Reloading Den store. He took the weapons back to his car, where his son was sitting in his booster seat.

“According to local news sources, the boy, 7, was killed in the gun store parking lot as his father backed out of a space at Twig’s Reloading Den, located at 8388 Sharon Mercer Road in East Lackawannock Township,” Inquisitr detailed.

The handgun discharged as Loughrey was backing out of the parking lot, and the boy died in instants. EMTs arrived swiftly at the scene but could not revive him.

Craig's mother was out shopping at the time of the incident, and it is likely she was unaware of her ex-husband intentions to bring their son along at the gun store.

Due to his condition, she was reluctant to allow him around guns, believing that, in his fragile state of mind, he would have been tempted to act out on superhero fantasies.

“When I turn 18, I'm going to move to China and become a ninja,” Craig would often say, according to his mother's partner, Heather Groeger.

“He loved his mom more than anything,” she adds.

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