No Belle Upgrade for Symbian Phones at Carriers in Canada

Nokia has confirmed that the update will not be released to these devices

Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia has started the re-deployment of its Belle FP2 software update this week, after pulling it off servers due to a series of issues that people have reported with it, yet it seems that not all users will be able to enjoy it.

In fact, the handset vendor has confirmed that Belle wouldn’t be released at all to some of the Symbian phones that are being sold via wireless carriers.

This is the case of all devices marketed that way in Canada, a recent article on MobileSyrup reports.

The company did not offer a specific explanation for this state of facts, though it did say that handsets that are being sold unlocked in the country would be upgraded to Belle.

“In response to your concern, we understand that you want to update your Nokia N8-00 to Nokia Belle software,” Nokia told MobileSyrup.

“We would like to verify if your phone was purchased through a Canadian carrier. We would like to inform you that all non-carrier variants of Nokia C6-01, C7-00, E7-00 and N8-00 devices can be upgraded to Nokia Belle.”

“However, please be reminded that all the said Nokia devices, including the Nokia X7-00, which are purchased through Canadian carrier channels will not be upgraded to Nokia Belle,” the handset vendor also said.

With Nokia heavily focused on the release of new Windows Phone-based smartphones, it was only a matter of time before it started leaving Symbian devices unattended.

This also suggests that the company is trying to determine users to upgrade to its Lumia phones, which are being updated regularly from Microsoft themselves (though maintenance updates are being provided by Nokia as well).

Those owners of an international, unlocked Symbian handset in Canada will be able to enjoy the benefits of Nokia’s Belle software, but others might start considering switching to another device / operating system.

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