No 2012 Launch for Dust 514, Beta Until Next Year

Gamers are expected to offer feedback on the mechanics of the MMO

David Reid, the executive director working on Dust 514 at developer CCP, says that he expects to have the MMO in beta stage during the rest of 2012, with an official launch date set to be announced early during next year.

The developer has told Eurogamer that, “Things are going well. We’ll be in closed beta through the end of 2012, but it won’t take much longer. With a bet this big you want to get things right.”

CCP launched the closed beta stage for Dust 514 during August of this year and many have speculated that the official launch will happen before the end of December.

Reid has also made it clear that the beta stage of the MMO is designed to present those taking part with an unfinished product that is still evolving and that they are expected to offer feedback and point out the core problems of the game.

He has added, “You should expect to see some rough edges, some things not working so well. Other recent console betas have tended to be working launch demos. We’re doing something unprecedented here, and we want to get everything right before we join those two worlds.”

Durst 514 is a very ambitious project that will tie in with EVE Online, the other MMO that CCP is working on.

Players will take on the role of a mercenary and, after creating their character and equipping a loadout, they will be able to take on work from one of the corporations of the space-based game.

Players will be able to interact between the two games and their dynamics will be linked, the events in one influencing how the other evolves.

Durst 514 will use shooter mechanics and will encourage teamwork between the players.

Dust 514 will be offered exclusively on the PlayStation 3 home console from Sony.

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