No. 1 Deadbeat Parent Faces Prison, Pleads Guilty in $1.2M (€0.9M) Child Support Case

Robert Sand from NY may be going to jail for four years

Robert Sand, from NY has once been dubbed America's “most wanted deadbeat dad,” for failing to pay $1.2 million (€900,000) in child support bills.

Although the sum includes taxes and penalties, it's still a lot of money. Sand acquired the debt by refusing to help out with living expenses for his three children, from two past marriages.

He has pleaded guilty to two counts of failing to pay child support in Long Island U.S. District Court, and may very well be going to prison.

While he stands to be sentenced in May, his attorneys have worked out a plea agreement that involves him paying his dues to the children's mothers, Examiner writes.

The women have stated that they would rather receive the money they are owed, instead of seeing Sand go to jail. Do you agree or think that would set an unfortunate precedent? Don't forget to leave your response in the comments section.

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