Nintendo's Revolution Controller Is About To Rock Your World

Not today, but in September...this time

What we all have been waiting for since E3 is going to finally happen!

According to Satoru Iwata, President for Nintendo, the launch will take place during Tokyo Game Show on September 16th.

That's when Mr. Iwata himself will make the keynote speech and unveil the controller to the public.

During the speech, he will be showing off the Revolution in full, meaning all hardware details, the controller itself and its connection to the Revolution and other system functions will be made available.

There will also be a demonstration of the controller's capabilities, headlined by Mario 128, any other game being unknown at this point.

There are some rumors on the new Smash Brothers to be a part of the actual demonstration, but as far as we know, they are still working on this game and no one could tell at this point for certain if we're about to assist to a historical Nintendo double-launch.

As for the users, they are holding their breath on this one.

But according to many of them, this announcement could be just another false alarm, as Sponge, the news source, has failed on guessing the exact date and conditions of launch two times before.

But hey, maybe third time is indeed a charm!

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