Nintendo TVii Service for Wii U Out in December

Entertainment apps like Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, or Hulu Plus will also arrive soon

Nintendo will debut the special TVii service for the Wii U in December, as the company is still polishing up the special application that will allow owners of the new home console to interact with their TVs by using the device and its special GamePad.

Nintendo released the Wii U in North America last Sunday, on November 18, and the whole launch went rather smoothly, even if quite a few issues have popped up after, as plenty of new owners encountered different problems with their consoles.

Now, Nintendo has confirmed, via Kotaku, that the special TVii service will be released in December and will allow owners of the Wii U to interact with their TV content in new and impressive ways.

“In December, Nintendo will activate this unique application that will transform how people find, watch and engage with TV shows, movies and sports. Nintendo TVii makes watching TV simple and fun by bringing together a program guide, remote control and social interaction into one, seamless second-screen experience on the GamePad,” the company said.

“Nintendo TVii comes with Wii U at no additional charge and requires no additional equipment. It works with existing cable and satellite channels. Viewers can engage with others in a variety of ways, such as commenting on moments as they happen on live TV, and then sharing those thoughts via Miiverse, Facebook and Twitter.”

Besides allowing Wii U owners to watch and control the content they’re watching on TV, the TVii system also allows them to enjoy all sorts of information at the same time.

“Users can also discover more about what they're watching, as information from a variety of sources is automatically linked to the program they are watching, including sports data. Nintendo TVii is customizable for every member of the family.”

Nintendo also confirmed that other content apps, like ones for Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, or Netflix, will also be released in the coming weeks.

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