Nintendo: Quality of Life Initiative Will Not Clash with Console Focus

The company will still work on the Wii U and the 3DS in the coming years

Video game hardware maker and publisher Nintendo says that it has big plans for the Quality of Life initiative that it first announced in January, and also that it will continue to focus on the development of its console and handheld hardware in the coming years.

Satoru Iwata, the president of the company, tells investors in an official message that “We have decided to redefine entertainment as something that improves people’s quality of life (‘QOL’) in enjoyable ways and expand our business areas. What Nintendo will try to achieve in the next 10 years is a platform business that improves people’s QOL in enjoyable ways.”

The initiative sounds complex but there are not yet any clear details about what it involves and what kind of hardware and software Nintendo plans to use in order to deliver these life improvements.

It seems that two separate divisions will work on the traditional gaming business and on the new Quality of Live project.

Iwata says that he has plans to expand the user base for Nintendo devices, which probably means that all health-related initiatives will be linked to either the Wii U home console or the 3DS handheld.

The president cryptically adds that “What has remained the same from the past is that we have always tried to create something new from materials and technologies available at that time, to position entertainment as our core business and to improve people’s QOL in enjoyable ways. We will continue to value self-innovation in line with the times and aim for growth.”

Nintendo has been forced to reduce sales projections for the Wii U for the current fiscal year from 9 to 2.8 million units, and the just-launched PlayStation 4 has overtaken its lifetime totals.

The company seems to be unable to communicate the unique advantages of its home console and convince players that the new GamePad can offer interesting new experiences.

The launch of racing title Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. later in the year is expected to expand the player base for the Wii U.

Even the 3DS has seen a slowdown in sales, which can probably be attributed to saturation among those who are interested in handheld gaming.

The Quality of Life initiative from Nintendo is likely to get more details later this year, although it will probably not be a part of the E3 2014 presentation.

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