Nintendo Explains Data Transfer Between Wii U and Older Wii

Gamers will need to be sure they want to perform the move

Video game hardware maker Nintendo details the process that will be available to those who want to get data from their old Wii home console and transfer it to the newer Wii U when it is launched, later during the month.

In typical Nintendo fashion, the process seems to be complicated and involves careful use of an SD card, which is at least 512 MB big.

It needs to be first inserted into the Wii U, which is a little counterintuitive, in order to then use a dedicated transfer application to prepare it for the rest of the process.

The SD card then goes into the older Wii consoles, where the player needs to download a data transfer application , which is not the exact same one used on the Wii U and then follow the provided instructions in order to take relevant data.

The card then goes into the newer console once more and the transfer can be completed.

Nintendo also mentions that the data transfer can only be done once and that both the involved consoles need to have an active controller during the process.

More information on the procedure will be offered in the official manual for the Nintendo Wii U.

The company has not made it clear exactly what information will be involved in the transfer.

The Nintendo Wii U is the first next-generation console to launch and it will offer more processing power than the current devices from Sony and Microsoft, while also introducing a new controller, the GamePad, which includes traditional stick and buttons but also a touch screen.

The hardware maker and video game publisher hopes that the innovative features of the Wii U will make it as attractive as the Wii was when first launched.

The home console will be offered starting with November 18 in the United States and it will last arrive in Japan on December 8.

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