Nintendo 3DS Should Not Be Used by Children Under Seven

Hard on the eyes

It seems that a potential big group of future gamers will be unable to enjoy the glorious glasses-free three-dimensional gaming experience offered by the Nintendo 3DS, the handheld that was announced back in February and managed to steal the show at E3.

Reggie Fils-Aime, who is the president of Nintendo of America, told Kotaku that “We will recommend that very young children not look at 3D images. That's because, in young children, the muscles for the eyes are not fully formed.” It seems the warning is not jut linked to the new Nintendo 3DS but also to other devices, with Fils-Aime saying, “This is the same messaging that the industry is putting out with 3D movies, so it is a standard protocol. We have the same type of messaging for the Virtual Boy, as an example.”

The Nintendo 3DS is unique because it will allow gamers to play on the go without using any special glasses. If the device delivers on the promises made by its creators, and initial reports suggest that the 3DS works very well, then Nintendo might have just hit on the concept that will revive the sales in the handheld market and allow it to gain more players than the PlayStation Portable from Sony and the iPhone from Apple.

Three-dimensional gaming seems to be one of the dominating trends of the future of videogaming. The Japanese giant is concentrating on the handheld segment but Sony is making the PlayStation 3 home console a 3D-powered multimedia center.

The console can already deliver 3D games, as long as a suitable television set exists, and there are promises from the developer that a firmware update enabling 3D movies is on the way in the near future. Microsoft is the only company not pushing three-dimensional gaming as hard, although it has a test program in South Korea.

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