Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus Now a Launch Day Game for the PS Vita

A bunch of new screenshots have also been revealed with the hack and slash title

Sony and Tecmo Koei have confirmed that the Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus game is now set to arrive on February 22, right on the launch day of the PlayStation Vita platform.

The PS Vita is getting ready for its release and, alongside it, a variety of games, both from Sony itself and from third party companies are also preparing for their deployment, from blockbuster titles like Uncharted: Golden Abyss, to smaller ones, like Wipeout 2048 or ModNation Racers: Road Trip.

The latest game to join the array of launch titles for the Vita is Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus, coming from developer Team Ninja.

The game is a remake of the first Ninja Gaiden Sigma title, which, in turn, was an updated version of Ninja Gaiden for the original Xbox. The title has more than enough new features, however, with Sony running an in-depth article about the game on its PlayStation blog.

While there’s still the same Ninja Gaiden hack and slash experience in the game, there are plenty of additions, such as the Hero Mode, which should help plenty of players that aren’t accustomed to the tough as nails gameplay.

What’s more, Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus also includes special features that make use of the Vita’s touchscreen, when casting Ninpo magic attacks, or the Sixaxis functionality, which goes into first person view when shooting arrows.

The biggest addition, however, is the Ninja Challenge mode, which consists of a variety of mini games that test the player’s skills and reflexes.

“The most significant addition to NGS+ is the new Ninja Challenge mode, a series of snack-sized trials can be completed in just a couple of minutes – geared toward gamers on the go,” Sony said. “Each of these 76 missions provides a straightforward goal, such as clearing a certain amount of enemies, taking on a boss character, or engaging in a weapon-specific objective. This is also where you can use alternate character Rachel, and try out new costumes and weapons that you might not have earned yet in the story mode.”

Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus also includes full PSN trophy support, so you have more than enough reasons to pick it up on February 22, when it is released all over the world, alongside the PlayStation Vita.

Until then, check out some of the new screenshots from the game below.


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