Nine AMD Phenom II CPUs Get 2 to 15% Cheaper

Advanced Micro Devices is making quite a few people happy

AMD's prospective customers have a good reason to feel giddy, now that the company has initiated the price reduction of quite a few CPUs.

We aren't talking about the FX collection. That was yesterday's news (yes, in addition to launching new ones, AMD is cutting the prices of some AM3+ chips).

Today we are learning about how nine Phenom II models have become cheaper by 2 to 15%.

The folks at CPU World compiled a nice list, showing which is which, visible in the picture above.

As next-generation units spread their wings, it is only natural for older models to get cheaper, but nine is still a higher figure than what we would have dared to hope for.

We suppose our apparent pessimism is owed to how HDD makers seem to be stretching the whole shortage issue just to keep prices higher for longer than they should. Fortunately, the CPU market is not in the same situation.

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