Nimbuzz 1.1.1 Now Available for Windows Phone

It sports Push Notifications, Auto Save for incoming Pictures and more

Today, a new version of the Nimbuzz application has arrived on Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system, namely Nimbuzz 1.1.1.

According to the team of developers behind it, the new app release comes with Push Notification capabilities, which will allow users to stay on top of any updates coming from their friends.

Basically, the new Nimbuzz flavor for the Windows Phone operating system will be able to keep users connected with their friends at all times.

“We are happy to announce the latest Nimbuzz update (1.1.1) for Windows Phone 7 platform,” Shailesh Soni, product manager – Windows Phone notes in a blog post.

“The new version now boasts Push Notification service which means, now you will be informed on the spot in your phone in case you have received any message/file from your Nimbuzz friends.”

Following the installation of the new application release, users will be able to take advantage of both Toast and Tile Notification, courtesy of the newly included Push Notification capabilities.

Moreover, they will enjoy a new Auto Save option for incoming pictures, as well as a series of performance enhancements, which result in faster Application Response Time.

The latest Nimbuzz for Windows Phone release also comes with various bug fixes and resolved crash issues, the company explains. All the features and capabilities that users were already accustomed with in the app are still there.

Nimbuzz for Windows Phone has been made available for download through the official Windows Phone Store, and users will find it on the online portal via this link.

“To Download Nimbuzz for Windows Phone 7, please go to the Windows Market Place, or open Marketplace on your phone and search for Nimbuzz,” Shailesh Soni explains.

As usual, users are encouraged to provide feedback on the experience they receive from the application, so that bugs can be resolved in future releases, and that new features can be added to the mobile software.

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