Nikon Df DSLR Listed for Pre-Order on Official Store

The new Nikon Df comes with modern features in a retro-styled body

Nikon announced its latest Df digital SLR camera on November 5, and since then, it has received all sort of positive and negative feedback from the company's fans.

The most complaints were addressed by European fans that were rather unhappy with Nikon's Df high £2,749.99 / €3,277 / $4,405 price including 20% VAT, compared with the $2,749.95 / €2,046 / £1,717 price from most US retailers.

Today, Nikon has announced the pre-order availability of the new Df digital SLR camera in its US online store, with a price of $2,749.95 / €2,046 / £1,717 for Nikon Df body and $2,999.95 / €2,233 / £1,873 for the Special Edition Lens Kit.

This is the price listed by most US retailers, so if you want to buy a new Nikon Df and have the chance to order it directly from the US, you could get a great deal compared with EU prices.

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