Nikon D5300 Better than Canon EOS 700D, Sony SLT Alpha 58 According to Recent Tests

The D5300 comes with a 24.2MP CMOS sensor and built-in Wi-Fi, GPS

Announced last month, the new Nikon D5300 starts shipping today to customers who pre-ordered the new mid-to-high-end APS-C format camera.

DxO Labs has recently published an in-depth test of the new D5300 in comparison with Nikon's D5200 and D3200, as well as Canon EOS 700D and Sony SLT Alpha 58.

The D5300 received an overall score of 83 points, placing it on the same level with the Nikon D7100 and above Nikon's D3s and Pentax 645D.

When compared with its predecessor, the D5300 shows similar results in terms of dynamic range and color depth with a slightly increased ISO sensitivity.

Against its direct competitors, the Canon EOS 700D and Sony SLT Alpha 58, test results indicate that D5300 is 1/3 stop better than EOS 700D and over 2/3 of a stop over Sony SLT Alpha 58 when it comes to image quality.

Color depth and ISO sensitivity is also better than the presented rival models. Check out the comparison charts in the gallery below for a more detailed look at these tests.


Nikon D5300 Test Results (3 Images)

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Gallery Image
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