Nikon D5100 Firmware Hack Enables Manual Control in LiveView

This tweaked firmware aims to unlock even more unavailable features for Nikon DSLR users

Many Nikon D5100 owners have complained about the lack of manual controls when using the LiveView mode of their camera, feature available in medium- to high-end DSLRs.

While the Nikon D7000 and D5100 share the same source code for their firmware, and the D7000 already allows you to use manual controls in LiveView mode, the guys at NikonHacker decided to try and unlock this highly requested feature for the Nikon D5100.

The results were as expected and with the help of the new hacked firmware, you can also unlock your D5100 manual control potential when using the LiveView mode.

In addition to that, the Nikon's D5100 firmware could hide even more locked features including the DOF-preview function found in D7000 that might work if it could be assigned to one of the existing buttons.

If you want to give this hacked D5100 firmware version a try, you can download it from Simeon Pilgrim's blog.

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