Nikon D4s Coming in a Few Months – Report

The D4s will bring a few upgrades over the previous Nikon D4 model

Nippon camera and optics manufacturer Nikon has recently released two new cameras, the D5300 and Df models, aimed at enthusiast photographers and professionals searching for a high-performance camera with a classic look.

According to Northlight Images, trusted sources claim that the Japanese manufacturer is planning to introduce the next update to its D4 flagship model sometime in the following months. The new D4s will come more as an upgrade to the current version, probably improving some of the existing features like ISO sensibility and bringing a larger image buffer, a couple of new settings and, why not, a more compact and lighter body.

Previous reports also pointed that NPS (Nikon Professional Services) Japan had stopped selling the D4 through its exchange program, which might hint that a new model is coming soon.

In addition to that, the Sendai factory halted the production of Nikon Df for two months in order to push production for a new D4-like body before the Winter Olympics.

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