Nike: Music Should Be Body-Controlled

The company didn't use that precise wording but it did mention the idea

Nike makes sportswear, so it probably isn't the brand people would expect to hear when discussing audio devices, but surprises never cease.

Though some may not know it, Nike CEO Mark Parker has been dragging Nike from being a purely show and apparel business to one that makes consumer fitness technology.

One of the latest ideas it outlined, as reported by Fast Company, was for a tech that allows body movements to control what kind of music you are listening to.

The movements would change the tempo, the beat, the cadence, etc.

By the looks of it, sound is quite close to color on Nike's list of important workout cues.

The Nike+ platform (which relays info to phones and lets them record exercise history and routines) is bound to evolve in interesting ways over the next few years.

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