Nike Launches FuelBand for Android, but Completely Ignores Original Owners

The app is only compatible with FuelBand SE and has ridiculous requirements

Android fans who also own an Nike fitness tracker will be happy to know that they will finally be able to track all their fitness activity on their smartphones and/or tablets.

This is the first time Nike launches an application that allows Android users to connect it to a FuelBand and see their progress on the mobile device.

Nike released its FuelBand fitness tracker about two years ago, but it only allowed iOS users to get advantage of the application showing their progress, thus completely ignoring the most important mobile operating system present on the smartphone market, Android.

Well, it looks like it took Nike two years to realize that it was making a big mistake by not porting the iOS application to Android, but it’s better late than never.

Although Nike has decided to release the FuelBand fitness tracker application for Android users, there are lots of requirements that one would need to meet in order to take advantage of it, which drastically limits the use of the software.

For example, the application only works with the Nike+ FuelBand SE fitness tracker, so any other tracker that you might own will definitely not work. According to Nike, the application does not support FuelBand 1.0, so original owners have been completely ignored.

But there’s more to it. If you happen to own a rather older smartphone, you will not be able to install Nike+ FuelBand application. Developers have confirmed that Nike+ FuelBand only works on devices powered by Android 4.3 Jelly Bean or above.

If you think that your smartphone meets the requirements for using Nike+ FuelBand, you might be in for an unpleasant surprise. Nike+ FuelBand app is only compatible with the following smartphones: Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, Nexus 5, HTC One and Motorola Moto X.

It’s not even clear if users can install it on either HTC One M7 or M8, so you will have to try it for yourself. Let’s hope that there will be more devices added to the list of supported smartphones in the not so distant future.

But let’s see what the application has to offer. First of all, you must connect the Android smartphone to your Nike+ FuelBand SE device via Bluetooth 4.0.

You will then be able to see your progress against your goal broken down by day, week or month. You can save all the info online or even customize your device display, change the time and update Daily Goal directly from within the application.

In case you meet all the requirements mentioned above, you can now download Nike+ FuelBand for Android for free via Google Play Store.

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