Nigella Lawson Abuse Photos Emerge, She Leaves Her Husband

Art dealer Charles Saatchi choked Lawson in a restaurant

Rumor has it that British cook and TV star Nigella Lawson has left her husband, art dealer Charles Saatchi after photos of his abuse hit the newspapers.

The pair were photographed arguing in Scott's restaurant, and Saatchi choked his wife of ten years some four times.

He puts his hand around her neck on multiple occasions, and at one point grabs her nose, as she looks terrified. On the left, Lawson is pictured leaving the venue in tears.

According to the Daily Mail, she was spotted leaving the home she shared with Saatchi. She carried her bags out with the help of her 17-year-son, Bruno.

So far, the pair have kept quiet about the incident. In the past, Lawson has made public that she was abused by her mother Vanessa Salmon, the wife of former British Conservative Chancellor Nigel Lawson.

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