Nicole Westbrook Performs “It’s Thanksgiving” Live – Video

The “new Rebecca Black” makes TV debut with mentor Patrice Wilson

Nicole Westbrook is the latest Internet star hoping to forge a career out of her 15 minutes of online fame. Much like Rebecca Black before her, Nicole too wants to be a singer and, luckily for her, there are many willing to have her on their show.

Access Hollywood is one of these media outlets, having invited the aspiring star on, to talk about her newfound fame and even to perform live the (unintentionally hilarious) track that got her the exposure in the first place.

Her mentor Patrice Wilson, who also launched Rebecca Black, was on the show as well, making a cameo in the song for backing vocals and his own verse.

Check it out below, it’s truly that kind of video that you just have to see to believe.

I said it before and I will say it again: Nicole isn’t to blame for this but whoever is telling her this is a good idea, is.

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