Nicole Scherzinger Says Her New Album Is “Finished”

Star teases new material, new single but offers no release date

Nicole Scherzinger’s attempts at a solo career have failed to register with the critics and the fans the way she and her record label would have wanted, but that’s not to say she’s going to stop trying.

In a new interview with Look Magazine, the stunning singer, who is also a judge on X Factor UK, says that she has a new album finished and ready to hit shelves.

The only obstacle is her involvement with the show.

“My album’s actually finished. I finished it before I started the show – but I’m so involved in the show. I know the single already, it’s going to come out really soon,” she says.

This should come as excellent news for her fans, who have been dying for some new material for many months now. It’s a shame though that she wouldn’t offer at least a tentative date for the release.

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