Nicole Scherzinger Puts on Killer Performance of 'Try with Me' in London

Former Pussycat Doll slays on ITV 1's This Morning show

While some voices online are saying that Nicole Scherzinger, former leader of the Pussycat Dolls, has about wasted all chances at a solo career, her live performances are more than enough to convince the world that this isn't true.

Her fans must already know that she's had serious trouble getting her solo music career off the ground, to the point where there was even a lot of talk of how she should just give that dream up completely.

Since she became a judge on X Factor, Nicole is using the exposure to promote her latest album, “Killer Love.” During her recent performance, she's showing the world she's not to be written off just yet.

Nicole was on ITV 1's show This Morning the other day, where she performed live “Try with Me,” a ballad with heavy dance accents that's been getting mixed reactions from fans and critics.

Even those who say the song is nothing spectacular would agree that Nicole truly killed it this time.

Granted, she used some pre-recorded vocals, but the rest of her performance was live and lived up to her reputation as a solid performer.

Check it out.

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