Nicole Scherzinger Debuts UK’s First Ever Twitter Dress

Fashion marries technology in innovative design, displays tweets in real time

Nicole Scherzinger is known for her occasionally kooky fashion style but, as of now, she’ll also be known as the first woman ever to wear a Twitter dress, which is exactly what it sounds like.

The Daily Mail has photos and details on the innovative design, which the singer rocked with great pride at the launch of the new 4G mobile network, EE, at Battersea Power Station.

The dress is as fashionable as it’s up to speed with the times; in fact, it’s so up to speed that it actually displays tweets live, hence its name.

“Nicole's stunning haute couture dress is constructed from 8 meters of the finest French silk chiffon, laden with over 500 Swarovski crystals and over 2,000 LED lights, which lights up to spell out Tweets sent in by fans in real time throughout the evening (via @EE and #tweetthedress),” the Daily Mail reports.

“The gown was created by leading interactive fashion design agency Cute Circuit, whose clients include U2 and Katy Perry,” adds the same media outlet.

Since Nicole is the first female celebrity to wear such a creation, she was ecstatic when she heard the offer from EE.

“I've been asked to wear the UK's first ever twitter dress tonight for the @EE Launch Party @BatterseaPowerStation #tweetthedress So EXCITED!” Nicole told her fans on – where else? – Twitter.

In all fairness, the dress is pretty as a clothing item and quite in the trends with the combination of colors (not to mention expensive as well), but far from that groundbreaking as a “Twitter dress.”

From what we can see from the pics at the Mail, if one really wanted to read the tweets on it transmitted in real time, one would have found oneself in quite a pickle.

No word on what will happen to the Twitter dress now that it’s officially been “launched.”

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