Nickolas Coke: Miracle Baby That Survived with No Brain Dies

Baby defies science by surviving for years with just a brain stem but no brain

Nickolas Coke of Pueblo, Colorado, suffered from a rare condition called anencephaly – he was born with just a brain stem and no brain.

The child outlived most babies suffering from anencephaly, who usually only make it a few days, as he survived for three years. Some children affected from the condition perish immediately after birth, which is why Nickolas was dubbed a miracle kid.

Sherri Kohut, Nickolas' grandmother, believes the baby caught a virus. He started experiencing shortness of breath yesterday, on November 1. The paramedics were called in, but couldn't keep the child alive.

"He woke up this morning around six. He was breathing really really bad. […] They told us no more, let him go. So he died at 12:40 today. Peacefully,” Kohut said to KOAA reporters.

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