Nicki Minaj’s Official “Freedom” Video: All Hail the Queen

Rapper puts out visually stunning video companion for her latest single

Fans are already accustomed to Nicki Minaj’s colorful persona and her even more colorful and, at times, downright insane, music videos she puts out. Safe to say, “Freedom” is not one of them.

Following a very toned down live performance at the 2012 American Music Awards over the weekend, Nicki has unleashed the official video for “Freedom,” which you can see in full and in HD above.

*Please note that some discretion is recommended when viewing it because it contains a couple of instances of graphic language that might offend.

As I said above, Nicki is usually very colorful, energetic, aggressive.

“Freedom” marks a change for her, and it’s definitely one that I could see myself become partial to because it’s a more elegant, stylish and mature look.


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