Nicki Minaj’s Backside Is Trending Topic After Two-Faced Concert Suit

Nicki Minaj recently got a smackdown from Lil’ Kim for name-picking her in interviews and on her tracks but, oddly enough, she’s not grabbing headlines for this today: it’s her backside that’s getting her press.

The rapper, who has a new album out in stores now, has garnered a lot of attention for her generous posterior in the past as well. However, never before did she wear something so eye-catching for one of her concerts.

As Minaj took the stage during Hot 97’s Thanksgiving Thank You Concert, held at New York City’s Hammerstein Ballroom, the other day, there seemed nothing out of the ordinary with her outfit.

In fact, as AceShowbiz notes, the outfit seemed quite “bland” when compared to the things she wore just recently, including on the red carpet at the 2010 American Music Awards.

Minaj seemed to be wearing a classic cut black suit – an outfit that was almost too casual and “normal” for her, the star whose style has been described by fashion insider as a blend of Lady Gaga meets Rihanna on their most creative days.

However, when Nicki turned her back to the audience, she showed that she could always be counted on for… unpredictability. The outfit was actually two-faced, with the back part made of a flesh-colored, skin-tight bejeweled body suit.

“Taking the stage, the 25-year-old beauty donned the two faced suit from The Blonds – the front half was a normal black suit while the back half was a nude bejeweled body suit,” AceShowbiz writes.

The body suit, very similar to one that Britney Spears also wore in the video for “Toxic,” more than emphasized Nicki’s ample backside, once more fueling speculation of whether she didn’t get implants put in – and was again boasting about them.

As we also informed you a while back, when asked if she had surgery done to augment her already prominent backside, Nicki denied the reports – while maintaining she was happy people were guessing about it because it kept her in the headlines.

“Absolutely not. People will pick anything to talk about, and that happens to be the thing at the moment. I love being a conversation piece,” she said at the time.


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