Nicki Minaj Paid $5 Million (€3.8 Million) for New Year’s Eve Performance

Rapper is raking in the big bucks, makes more than Beyonce

Further proof that being on American Idol is insanely profitable is here: rapper Nicki Minaj will perform in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve for a reported check of $5 million (€3.8 million), it has emerged.

Just in case you need a point of reference, you should probably know that Beyonce was paid about $1 million (€759,994) less for a similar performance on the same night, PopCrush reports.

Of course, Nicki could command a hefty check even before her AI gig, seeing how she was the most popular female rapper of the day, with her songs and albums topping the charts and selling like hot cakes.

Even so, no one can deny that being on the show (and, might I add, involved in a very public spat with diva and fellow judge Mariah Carey) has boosted her profile, to the point where she can now make a fortune for a single performance.

As they say, scandal pays.

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