Nicki Minaj Is Scared for American Idol Premiere

Rapper admits to feeling nervous about reception she’ll get as judge

Nicki Minaj may seem like the kind of person who’s fearless no matter what but, when it comes to her American Idol debut, she’s quite “scared,” she admits in a new interview with Ryan Seacrest, as cited by OMG Yahoo!.

It’s not that she’s thinking she’s not going to be up to the expectations or anything like it: Nicki is “scared” that people will think she’s too critical of the contestants.

“I'm scared. Maybe I shouldn't have been so like... It's hard for me to not say how I really feel,” Nicki says.

“Everyone else is so nice. I was just thinking back about some things and I was like, ‘I wonder if that was not so nice.’ I don't think I'm going to be able to watch it. I'm going to be so nervous,” the rapper adds, stressing that she’s sure people are going to “love it.”

With the new season, American Idol also proposes a new panel of judges, made up by Mariah Carey, Nicki, Keith Urban and Randy Jackson.

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