Nick Cannon Ended Marriage with Mariah Carey Because He’s Worried About Her Mental Health

He left and wants a divorce for the sake of their two kids together, says report

More troubling reports have emerged following news that diva Mariah Carey and her husband of 6 years Nick Cannon have been living apart for months, and that this separation is the first step towards divorce. Apparently, he chose to move out because he’s worried about her mental health and how it’s affecting their two kids.

Nick and Mariah have always been the odd couple in showbiz, but to spite all nay-sayers, they somehow managed to find a way to make it work. Many believed that they would not last a single year together, and yet, they did – and even more.

They have two adorable twins together, known as Dem Babies, and stood by each other through thick and thin, including a major health scare for Nick and lots of downs in her career.

Until just recently, that is.

TMZ claims to have it on very good authority that it was Nick who decided to end the marriage, after seeing how Mariah’s mental health had been deteriorating and fearing how it might impact the kids.

“He believes the environment around Mariah is toxic and fears for his kids. We're told Nick believes his kids have already shown signs of emotional upset living with Mariah,” TMZ says, adding that Nick is just looking to “create an environment separate from Mariah that gives the kids a safe haven from the ‘chaos’ at her home.”

The report doesn’t mention a single word about how Mariah’s mental health has taken a turn for the worse, but it does add that she’s surrounded by people who only see her as a cash cow and care very little about her as an individual. As long as she continues to be able to pay their salaries, they will not get involved to help her in any way.

Though one could argue that such an environment would have required Nick’s presence, he being in a position to advise Mariah and warn her of working with such people, he seems convinced that there’s nothing more he can do. So he’s bailing out and trying to save his children in the process.

In other words, he wants the divorce. The least he can do at this point is work with his attorneys so as to make it a smooth and discrete affair.

“Nick is taking a ‘passive’ role in the divorce, telling his lawyers to take the path of least resistance to end things as peacefully as possible,” TMZ explains.

Nick already confirmed that he and Mariah had been separated for many months, but he hinted that divorce was not an option just yet, because they were still trying to work it out. If this report is accurate, he’s past that stage.

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