Nick Cannon Admits He Changes More Diapers Than Mariah Carey – Video

18-month old twins Monroe and Moroccan run the house, Cannon tells Anderson Cooper

Nick Cannon dropped by Anderson Cooper the other day to talk about his ongoing projects and, of course, his life with Mariah Carey and their two adorable twins, Monroe and Moroccan, both 18 months old.

Below are two preview videos released to promote his appearance on the show.

In the first one, Cannon talks about his and Mariah’s babies, how they pretty much run the house and how he changes way more diapers than his diva wife.

“It's a good time! Right now, the kids run the house. We are just running and chasing after them and then my wife is being the diva that she is. I am trying to keep up with them,” he says, before explaining that he’s usually the one who’s doing all the singing in the house.

Another thing he does the most is change diapers – and Nick is not ashamed to say it out loud.

“Me,” he yells when asked who gets the most time on diaper duty at home.

“I mean we all do it but for some reason I get that duty a little bit more. I am not scared of it. I go in, I put the gloves on. Real men change diapers!” he laughs.

In the second video, Nick addresses that much mediated feud / fight between Mariah and fellow American Idol judge Nicki Minaj.

He says he would never deny that it happened, but it’s a shame that producers chose to focus on it instead of on the real talent on AI – the contestants.

“I think it was what it was. A lot of theatrics and stuff. I guess I was a little disappointed in the producers because that's not what American Idol is about. I felt like they fed off of it a little bit. You know, people are always going to have disagreements and stuff,” Cannon says.

“Clearly you can see that they are a very intense judging panel but obviously everybody is interested in what the show is going to be about and my wife is the classiest and the strongest woman that I've ever met so she's handling it the way she is supposed to handle it,” he goes on to say.

For the record, Anderson Cooper too believes that AI producers were behind the leak, even sanctioning it to get a boost in ratings with the media exposure.

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