NiC Series CPU Coolers Released by Thermaltake

NiC is the abbreviated form of “non-interference cooler”

Like more or less every other cooler maker in the world, Thermaltake has been doing its best to figure out of how to get around the issue of interfering RAM slots. The NiC line of coolers may have finally provided the answer.

Coolers can be unsuited to motherboards and desktop cases for several reasons, usually because they are too tall or wide.

Sometimes, a mainboard cannot use a cooler because the memory slots are too close to the CPU socket.

Thermaltake's NiC Series specifically aims to circumvent that potential pitfall. NiC stands for “non-interference cooler.”

There are four models, called NiC F3, NiC F4, NiC C4, and NiC C5. All of them are “fully compatible with RAM of all kinds.”

As such, they are ideal ”for power users who fill their RAM slots with taller high-end overclocked RAM.”

The four coolers all have curved aluminum fins, allowing for reduced backpressure and maximized airflow. Each fin is 0.4mm thick.

They also have one or more 120mm PWM fans. The F3 has a single spinner, while the F4 gets two (automatically adjustable silent fan blades, speed of 800-1,600 RPM).

The C4/C5 have VR fans, both with adjustable fan speed knobs (manual adjustment from 1,000 to 2,000 RPM).

In all cases, the fans can be installed through simple clips, so no tools are needed.

As for the base plates, they are made of nickel plated copper and send the heat to the fin arrays via three to 5 6mm U-shaped heatpipes.

The combination of cooling area and fan performance give F3, F4, C4, and C5 TDP ratings (thermal design power) of 160W, 180W, 200W and 230W respectively. Sadly, though the company already has the product pages online (the links above lead to each one), the prices were not included in Thermaltake's official announcement.


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