Nexus Two to Hit UK Market in 2010

Fresh from the rumor mill comes a piece of info suggesting that a new Google phone, dubbed Nexus One, might be on its way to the UK market for the holiday season. Moreover, it appears that the device would be available via Carphone Warehouse, which managed to sign an exclusivity deal on it.

The upcoming availability of a new Google phone comes as a big surprise, especially since Google made it clear that it didn't plan the release of such a device.

The new mobile phone would follow the Nexus One, the first Google phone, which went on sale in early 2010, and which, according to Google, served its purpose.

However, the device was not received as well as expected on the market, and sales were rather poor.

Initially, the handset was sold via Google's own web store, but the company allowed carriers to sell it ever since summer, and closed down its online portal.

At the same time, Google announced officially that it does not plan the release of a new device similar with Nexus One.

Even so, a recent article on City A.M. suggests that the new Nexus Two is as real as it can be, and that it shows a major switch in Google's strategy for the UK market.

The same as Nexus One, which was manufactured by Taiwan-based HTC Corporation, Nexus Two would run under Google's own mobile operating system.

The handset would bring to shelves a new version of the platform, namely Gingerbread, rumored to be the Android 3.0 or 2.3 version of the OS.

The one thing that is not known at the moment, provided that Nexus Two would indeed arrive on the market, is which phone maker provided the hardware for it.

Unfortunately, nothing was confirmed officially on the matter for the time being, and we'll have to wait for more info on this to emerge to learn whether it would all pan out or not.

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