Nexus FLC-3000 R2 CPU Cooler Chills AMD and Intel CPUs

All central processing units are bundled with their own cooler, but certain systems and consumers often find the need for newer and better solutions, which is why Nexus decided to present the successor to the FLC-3000 CPU cooler, released back in 2008, which goes by the name of FLC-3000 R2.

For the most part, the stock coolers can usually handle the heat generated by a CPU in its base settings, but it often fails to keep up when overclocking feats are attempted.

Thus it came to pass that entire lines of customized air and water cooling solutions came into being, with companies even earning their entire profits for supplying them.

Nexus saw a fair bit of success back in 2008, when it launched the FLC-3000 CPU cooler, and it decided to build upon that success.

As such, it created the FLC-3000 R2, a sort of reiteration of that cooler but with on chip support and better performance, thanks to the use of the HOC technology.

The HOC technology is short for direct touch heatpipes and, essentially, has the pipes make direct contact with the chip, allowing for heat to be drawn away much more easily.

The FLC-3000 R2 has four 30 degree-angled 6mm copper heatpipes tasked with leading heat into the SkiveTek aluminum heatsink, which has three types of fins.

The heat is dispersed by a 92mm fan with a rotary speed of 900 to 2500 RPM and which has two orange LEDs. All in all, the product measures 128 x 105 x 119 mm and weighs 450 grams.

Finally, the module is compatible with not just Intel LGA 775, LGA 1156 and LGA 1366 processors, but also AM2 and AM3 CPUs from Advanced Micro Devices.

The product will surely gain points for the sound output of 24 dBA and, though it has not yet hit stores or received an official price, it shouldn't sell for more than $40.

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