Nexus 8 or New Nexus 10 Might Be Launched by Lenovo

It appears the Nexus brand will not be buried so easily

Latest rumors circling around the web point towards the possibility of Lenovo launching the next Nexus device, despite information claiming the brand will cease to exist by 2015.

Earlier this month, Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside revealed in an interview tat company is mussing over tablets quite a lot, these days.

Finally, he admitted that a Moto Maker customizable tablet might be making its way on the market at some point, but since then a few things have changed.

For example, Google has just announced it has sold Motorola Mobility to Lenovo for a decent amount of cash. And just a few hours after the news appeared online, a bunch of theories speculating on what this might mean for the mobile eco-system made an appearance, as well.

Don’t forget that an unconfirmed rumor claimed Google was ready to axe down its Nexus brand, in favor of the “Play Edition” moniker (or something else altogether, for that matter).

And combining all these recent news, is an interesting possibility highlighted by Eldar Murtzain. In his latest Tweet he claims we should be getting ready to see a Nexus device of some sort coming out of Lenovo.

The Nexus 8 has been rumored for some time now and sources out of Asia have said we could end up seeing the tablet make an appearance on the market in May.

But we all know how things go about with rumors, the date could be easily changed and be pushed towards 2015, when Google is supposed to be axing the Nexus brand.

How about the next-gen Nexus 10? This device has been proved to be one of the most elusive of its kind, failing to make an appearance for months now. Sources have claimed Samsung will be in charge of manufacturing the new Nexus 10, but couldn't Lenovo pick things up?

Now throw the speculations of the Motorola tablet in and, who knows, at some point a Nexus customizable device might see the light of day, too.

Anyway Murtazin promises the Lenovo Nexus will come in huge volumes and will be focused on the US market.

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