Nexus 7 Tablets Proved to Be Less Breakable than iPad Mini in Test

The Nexus devices are more plastic than metal and glass, so it makes sense

A while ago I told you about Toshiba performing a series of pretty brutal tests with its Encore tablet. The testing team wanted to prove how robust the device was and the results showed the slate still worked after being thrown 57 feet / 684 inches /17 m.

If you’re curious how sturdy other tablet models are, a group of testers from the insurance firm SquareTrade Europe put a bunch of them through a series of tests, reports TheRegister.

Their testing methods were quite primitive, as the team simply dropped the expensive gadgets from a great height and sunk them into water. And the results are already in.

As it turns out, the iPad mini has been judged the most breakable object submitted to the test, followed in close proximity by the iPad Air (at number 3).

On the opposite side of the spectrum, the Nexus 7 (2013) proved to be one of the most resistant tablets in the bunch, coming in at number 9. The first-gen Nexus 7 also performed decently, scoring the number 6 position, so if you're looking for something more resilient, you might want to check out the Google slates.

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