Nexus 4 Sales to Stand at Only 375,000 Units

LG doesn’t seem to have ramped up production for the device

Nexus 4, the latest Google phone out there and the first of them to have been manufactured by South Korean company LG Electronics, has been running out of stock continuously since its official release in November, and things show no sign of improvement.

In fact, some users suggest that they might be worse than originally expected, and that the device is being produced in very low quantities, which cannot meet the impressive demand seen so far for Nexus 4.

The info comes from the XDA-Developer Forum, where some enthusiasts took a closer look at the serial numbers the new units came to shelves with.

According to them, LG might have produced only around 375,000 Nexus 4 units, though the actual sales might be a bit lower than that.

The serial numbers on these devices unveiled that LG might have produced only 70,000 units of the phone in October, while manufacturing around 90,000 devices in November.

Production was higher in December, at 210,000 units, but still not enough to feed the hungry mob of enthusiasts waiting to grab a Google phone.

The aforementioned thread over at the XDA-Developers also unveiled that a Nexus 4 unit is usually assembled in around three days, and that it needs about one week to arrive from South Korea to the United States.

Should these numbers prove to reflect reality, we’re left wondering why LG would move so slowly with ramping up the manufacturing of more Nexus 4 units, especially since the device has proven highly popular right from the start.

The handset is being sold at a discounted price starting at $299 for the 8GB model, which is far less than what other phones with similar specs cost. Furthermore, retailers and carriers are said to have unsold stock of Nexus 4, though they are selling it without the aforementioned subsidy attached.

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